Where to Buy Phentermine

Are you seriously overweight, or obese, and want to know where to buy Phentermine online? It’s no surprise since, for anyone who battles with their weight, Phentermine can be a staunch ally in helping them to lose extra pounds. However, Phentermine is only legally available through a prescription, so it’s best to ask your doctor where to buy Phentermine because otherwise you can get into legal trouble, and, more importantly, you could be putting your health in even greater jeopardy.


Legal Risks

Phentermine is only available through a prescription for a couple of very significant reasons, and one of those reasons is because of its potency. Phentermine is similar to amphetamines, and is listed as a schedule 4 drug, which puts it in the same class as Valium, Halcion, and Ambien. As such, it is very powerful and potentially addictive.

Phentermine can only be purchased through certified and licensed United States pharmacies, and the sale of it is strictly regulated. If you were to purchase Phentermine online, you would risk a 5 year prison sentence and a $250,000 fine. That’s only for the first offense. Any subsequent convictions would earn you a 10 year sentence and a $500,000 fine. The numbers just go up from there, and it wouldn’t matter if you weren’t aware of the laws related to illegally purchasing prescriptions online. The law would stand, and you could potentially be convicted of illegally purchasing schedule 4 drugs.

Health Risks

Another reason you should only consult your doctor about where to buy Phentermine is because of the health risks associated with Phentermine use. Your doctor would make a determination, based on a physical and an overall health assessment, whether or not you were a good candidate for a Phentermine prescription. If your doctor determines that you are a good candidate, then he or she would write you a prescription and let you know where to buy the Phentermine.

Some people are not good candidates for a Phentermine prescription, and, as part of the physical your doctor will ask the following questions:

• Do you have a history of high blood pressure?
• Are you diabetic?
• Do you have hyperthyroidism?
• Are you pregnant or planning to become pregnant?
• Do you suffer from even mild hypertension?

Another reason that a physical is required in order to get a Phentermine prescription is because your doctor needs to first discuss the severe side effects associated with its usage. Some of these side effects include:

• Primary pulmonary hypertension
• Valvular heart disease
• Aggression and violence
• Uncontrollable shaking of the extremities
• Impotence
• Inability to think, walk and speak clearly
• Hallucinations
• Rapid muscle loss

The potential for addiction, combined with the adverse side effects associated with Phentermine use, make it a drug that doctors only prescribe for a maximum of 12 weeks. So, even if you are given a prescription, it would be short term.

Risk Free Alternative – PhenObestin 37.5mg

Phentermine use comes with many limitations, including candidate selection and duration of use. Additionally, with so many adverse side effects associated with its use, it makes sense that it is so highly controlled. Fortunately, there is a safe, highly effective alternative to Phentermine, called PhenObestin.

Take a look at some of the many benefits associated with the use of PhenObestin.

• It is available without a prescription
• It can be purchased legally online
• It is manufactured in the United States
• It contains only the highest quality GMP pharmaceuticals (no herbs) available
• It works the same way and is just as effective as Phentermine
• It yields none of the severe side effects associated with Phentermine use
• It can be taken for as long as needed because of the lack of side effects

Why go through the hassle of trying to figure out where to buy Phentermine online, especially considering all of the side effects associated with its use? Avoid having to make a doctor’s appointment just to be denied a prescription for Phentermine simply because you have one of the long list of conditions that prevents a doctor from prescribing it to you. Try PhenObestin today.

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